Those in 建筑行业 are always searching for ways to recruit new workers, 尤其是最近的劳动力短缺. One of the best ways to attract new talent is by increasing inclusion.


Explore the importance of inclusion in the workplace and what construction recruiters can do to increase it.




当你招募一个更具包容性的团队, you will find yourself with a more diverse and unique pool of candidates. This naturally expands the pool of candidates, as you no longer have as many limitations in place.


Simply showing applicants that your company values workers of all genders, 比赛, 宗教, 文化, and other factors increases the chances of more people applying.


同样值得注意的是 67% of candidates consider diversity as a critical influence on whether they will apply for a given role.




Another way in which inclusion attracts new construction workers is by promoting safety. 乔治。菲, DPR总统, 强调安全, 你要避免分心, “but one of the major distractions is if you don’t feel mentally safe.”


如果你突出显示 建筑工地的多样性这样,潜在的员工就会感到安全. This should make them more likely to apply and to accept your offer.




One of the biggest challenges to inclusion is how to attract new workers of diverse backgrounds. 一项调查发现,只有 57 percent of recruiters specifically use strategies that attract various candidates.


The following strategies can help you add your business to that figure.




当你构思职位描述时, try to use language that won’t unintentionally dissuade specific candidates. 例如, "男性化"的词,比如"主宰"和"雄心勃勃", 当谈论365asia亚洲时, 可能会阻止一些女性申请者.




Multiple studies have shown that one of the policies that best attract diverse candidates is flexibility. While not all construction roles will offer flexibility regarding where to work, 你可以用其他方式来弥补. 例如,你可以考虑灵活的工作时间.




If you only get your candidates from the same sources, you will keep getting similar candidates. That is especially true if your construction company has traditionally hired via referrals. This is because most people have networks that are similar to them.


The best way to diversify your sourcing is to use various third-party websites. It would be best to make it easy for potential candidates to learn more about your company. Ideally, you will create a dedicated page of your website to careers.




Another critical step is to directly reach out to talent, even if they haven’t applied. 一个经常被引用的 研究 调查了惠普公司申请升职的人. Women would only apply if they met 100 percent of the qualifications, 而男性会使用,如果他们遇到60%.


换句话说, women are less likely to apply for a job if they don’t meet all of the requirements, 尤其是在建筑业. This means that even if your needs are flexible when it comes to portfolios or projects, 你可能会收到更多的男性申请者. You can overcome this by being proactive and reaching out to candidates directly.


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